Jack’s Full BIO

Highlights and Focus

Creator “The Busines and Tech Podcast”
Technology Specialist
Business Executive
Commercial Pilot
Investor and member of Founders X Investment Group

Solving Problems Philosophy

Product Management, Support and managing Product Development

Implementation of suite at clients (Data Conversation, Migration, Training, etc.)

Founder of the initial product MyFlightTrain for General Aviation Flight Schools

Coding Support, Application and Database Tuning with Related APIs

Replication Services for databases and full redundancy systems operations

Activities in Various Roles

Drove the system development and operations with hands-on expertise with the technologies used to build and operate the site primarily in DBA, BI Dashboards, debugging, AWS Admin and DevOps, SQL Coding, Scripting and related activities.  Similar functions for On-Premise and Azure cloud.

Before MyFlightSolutions was responsible for the High Technology vertical at Teradata (client examples: Apple, Boeing, Cisco, Dell, etc. and many e-commerce companies). Also held positions at Teradata before the High Technology role of Global Chief Technology Officer for E-Business architecture and another in Managing Partner for professional services for the e-business products supporting Manufacturing, Telco, Media and Entertainment

Communication is key to all activities with business and technology solutions. Understanding what is needed and the constraints to deliver the solution can only be defined and delivered with great communication. Finally, use a mix of team members, new and old, just ensure you never make the same mistake twice while delivering modern and resilient solutions.

Work Hard, Play Hard – Don’t’ make the same mistake Twice – Be tough but fair!!

Jack M Garzella

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